Solidarity and integration on the terraces of the Cinque Terre

I’ve been documenting this project with my photocamera for more than 3 months – a project realised by the Foundation of Manarola, the National Park of the Cinque Terre and the Caritas. There are 12 jobless people – 7 of them refugees from african countries, debarked 8 months ago on the Island of Lampedusa. After some working days in several agricultural companies in the province of La Spezia finally last week they arrived in Manarola. I don’t know what impresses me most: the urge to learn and understand, the joy of feeling to be useful, the energy and the politeness of these young men. Or on the other side the toughness of the teachers from Manarola who, practically all of them over 65, with unresting strength build up dry stone walls, cut down trees and much more. What a nice team!

DSC_6255These are the words written byCatherina Unger, photographer of the beautiful pictures on this side. Catherina has offered her time and work to document the progression of the project “SCIASCI DII POZI TIÀ SÜ A SECU’ that has taken place on the lands of the Foundation.

We believe there is no need of more comments, apart from the smiles in the pictures, to give an idea of the social impact the project had on all participants and of the spirit among  teachers, students and volunteers of the foundation. It is for sure an occasion that makes our comunity of Manarola grow, that within its limits and not without pride, testimonialize the possibility to face up to the problems of our times with strength, corporate feeling and organization. Thus we understand how solidarity and integration are not only empty words but real opportunities of personal and collective growth.