Give a Stone as gift this Christmas: you will contribute to save Cinque Terre

Christmas time is the only period of the year in which we pay less attention to what we spent, looking for the perfect gift until the very end.

But what happen if we contribute to do good with the Christmas gifts?

It seems very strange to think that Cinque Terre are in danger, but unfortunately it is true. Beyond the stereotypical postcard image, there is a territory that has suffered a significant abandonment in the last century. The consequences are various, such as an intensification and aggravation of rainy phenomena, with heavy repercussions on the local ecosystem and on the lives of the inhabitants (such as the flood of 2011).

At the end of the XIX century almost 100% of the Cinque Terre territory was cultivated with terraces and today the only way to ensure a future for this paradise is “the return to the land”.


For this reason, the Manarola Foundation from 2014 began to recover part of the territory above the town to secure, first of all, the inhabitants and secondly, return as much as possible to that breathtaking image of Manarola of the XIX century: an amphitheater of cultivated terraces overlooking the sea, where green and blue colours were mixed perfectly.

Currently 7,809 square meters of abandoned land has been recovered and 418,50 square meters of dry stone walls were rebuilt and the donations have reached the value of 8,000€. Now, we ask to you, lovers of the nature, hikes, food and wine, history of Cinque Terre, to support us in our daily work of safeguarding the territory.


In return, your name will remain forever engraved in the stone of our dry stone walls, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We conclude this article with a small reflection that a great Italian songwriter has left to us: “From diamonds nothing is born, from compost flowers are born” (in our case from stones!).

A sincere thanks to all those who have supported and will support the Manarola Foundation and to all those who will begin to support it.

For further information: MANAROLA FOUNDATION VIDEO

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