The area of intervention

Some numerical data:

The total land area of the zone in this area in which we are attempting to define holds 9.76 hectares or 24.1 acres in which the majority (7.64 hectares/18.9 acres) of the land lies on the west side or in the famous “amphitheater.”

The total surface of all the stone walls that needs to be maintained and supported results in 57,500 square meters or 618,925 square feet; in other words, if we hypothesize that the average heighth of the walls is 2.5 meters or 8.25 feet, the overall amount of walls that exists in this zone would correspond to one stone wall that has the heighth and width of 2.5 meters:  (57,500/2.5) = 23,000 meters.  Thus, this wall would extend for 23 kilometers or 14.3 miles.