Fondazione Manarola: from 2014 so far

The Manarola Foundation wants to sum up what has been done in the last four years of existence, in order to help clarify its purpose and goals as an organization. The Foundation was formed on March 15th, 2014; just 3 years after the terrible flood that seriously damaged Vernazza and Monterosso. The aim of the Foundation is to focus on the preservation of the local territory and to help inform and educate tourists along with inhabitants on the fundamental importance of preserving it. The Cinque Terre landscape is beautiful yet fragile at the same time.

Why was the Foundation formed?

In the last fifty years, due to economic conditions and a rapid decrease in the local population of the Cinque Terre, many things have changed. Fields have been abandoned, landslides have destroyed dry-stone walls and former vineyards left uncultivated have left room for wild plants that are resistant to drought. In order to prevent the continuing deterioration of the land, the community of Manarola deemed it necessary to create an efficient, effective and credible foundation to help intervene and protect the land. Thus, the Manarola Foundation was formed. It functions as a non-profit organization in the pursuit of social goals regarding the preservation, protection and enhancement of the natural territory.

Its primary principles include:

  • Hydrogeological Security
  • Restoring and protecting the territory and landscape


What does the Foundation do?

The foundation restores abandoned terraces used in the vineyards by clearing away wild plants and trees and building new dry-stone walls or rebuilding old ones. Below you can find what the Foundation has been working on:

  • 9,76 hectares area of interest identified by the Foundation
  • 809 square meters of fields recovered
  • 215 square meters of fields donated to the Foundation
  • 418,50 square meters of dry stone walls rebuilt


How does the Foundation work?

“Thanks to the Foundation the locals rediscover and take back the way of the land,” said Lauro Bordoni, member of the Foundation. “We do the essential work by recovering the terraces and signing rental contracts with field owners in order to have the right to intervene and then we sublet the fields to the Agriculture Companies.”


What areas are being restored?

Human and financial resources are being focused on specific areas of restoration. These areas of restoration include the land above the Manarola village center: Beccara vecchia, Beccara nuova, Campu road, Collora and Donega roads, until Segnale (about 175 m a.l.s.).


What projects are the Foundation working on?

Two training courses have been completed in partnership with Aesseffe Association of La Spezia, one in Autumn 2016 and the other one in Autumn 2017. The aim of the courses were to train 12 experts on green maintenance with particular attention on terraces cultivated with vineyards or olive trees. Two people of this group now work for the Foundation while the others work in local companies.

Who are the founder members?

The founders include 126  members (94 residents, 15 former residents and 17 non residents). 110 members have contributed through monetary donations and 27 through field donation. The initial funds consisted of 50.000€.

How do you become a member?

It is very simple. There are three participation options: standard (10€ donation), supporting (25€ donation) honorary (50€ donation). In order to become a member, you can visit the website and click on “Become a member” (donation via PayPal). At the end of the process it is possible to personalize your member card that it can be sent via email. Many local businesses have become “company supporters” and they continue to show their pledge of participation through a certificate on their front door of business.

Why is it important to support the Foundation?

The donations are used to increase the Foundation’s ability to carry on these vital projects: preservation of the territory, a guarantee of its security and the restoration of fields and stone walls.


Next steps?                          

  • Increase communication and the activity of the Foundation
  • Increase participation by getting young people, residents, businesses and tourists involved and also showing them that love for the territory is important and also its preservation.
  • Important projects that will be communicated the next months.


How to stay updated about the Foundation news


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