Protecting Cinque Terre’s terraced landscape

With your donation you can support the efforts of the Manarola Foundation to protect a site of the Unesco World Heritage and to help locals to keep living there and travellers to still visit this unique place. You are guaranteeing a future to Cinque Terre.


Why is it so important the recovery and maintenance of the terraced landscape in Cinque Terre?

After the tragic event of the flood in 2011, locals realized that is not sustainable a tourism system in Cinque Terre without the recovery and the maintenance of the territory. As you can see in the picture below the Cinque Terre landscape is a product of human works during the centuries. Terraces, dry- stone walls are the method used to transform this steep territory in a cultivable and livable place. Many of the terraced fields of the past collapsed due to the abandon of territory in the last years. Cultivate the land here means hard daily work and no mechanization. Manarola Foundation started its operation of turning the tide in 2014, restoring in these years 7.809 square meter of abandoned land and rebuilding 418,50 square meter of dry-stone walls in the Giant’s Amphitheater (the area above the Manarola village). The dry-stone walls have been identify as a useful way to contrast the climate change effects. They help to drain the water when heavy rain occurs, keeping up the terraces and preventing the landslides that can hit the villages, its inhabitants and visitors.

How the Manarola Foundation works

The Manarola Foundation  has been involved in the recovery of abandoned land since 2014 and after cleaning and rebuilding the dry stone walls, it entrusts the fields, ready for cultivation, to local farmers for maintenance.

How the 10.000€ donation will be used

This donation will be used to increase the Foundation ability to carry on these vital projects: preserve the territory and guarantee    its security, restoring other abandoned fields and dry-stone walls. Specifically every 100 euros of donation will allow us to rebuild a square meter of drywall: we will cover the cost of purchasing stones from the quarry, transport by helicopter and the work of our specialists.

What you can do with your donation

With your donation you will support the Manarola Foundation ambitious project of “back in the past” when this area was 100% covered by terraced vineyards. With your action you will contribute to build the future of this fragile territory.

A present for you!

At the end (July 31st) we’ll give 10 copies of the photographic book “Cinque Terre, vineyards with seaview” by C. Unger, which also talks about the work of the Foundation.


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